Welcome to the Adelaide International School (AIS)

Adelaide International School (AIS) provides a quality learning pathway for international and Australian students who aspire to complete their primary and/or secondary school education in Adelaide. Students complete AIS courses in preparation for enrolment at a destination school or at an Australian university or other tertiary education institution.

The cornerstones of the AIS program are 'English for Academic Purposes' (EAP) courses for Primary and Secondary School students. EAP courses provide necessary skills and confidence to be successful in mainstream classes in Adelaide schools. These are registered ELICOS (English Language for Intensive Course Overseas Students) courses.

In 2020, we enrolled our first Year 12 SACE class. This is a program that will expand in the future.

Staff at AIS understand that young people who have newly arrived in Australia require a school environment that matches their learning needs. While providing suitable academic challenges, they learn within a caring supportive educational setting. Regular communication with parents helps to assure families that the students at AIS receive the support they need.

The central location of AIS, in the heart of Adelaide, provides easy transport access to students wherever they may live. Our location also allows the city of Adelaide to become part of the learning environment for AIS, assisting students to better understand the unique culture of this city and country.

Adelaide International School is a key member of the Adelaide Independent Schools Alliance, allowing graduates of our ELICOS program to move forward in their lives, endowing them with skills for their future and assisting them to adapt in an increasingly globalised world.

We welcome you to AIS for a tour of our school, allowing you to appreciate this unique learning environment.