Study Tours

International Study Tours

The Study Tour Program is designed to provide an enjoyable educational program for International Students. Study Tours give students the opportunity to participate in and experience Australian culture and outdoor activities. Through involvement in a Study Tour, young people learn more about the history, culture and values of South Australia!

Adelaide is a beautiful city and is the capital of South Australia. It is often referred to as the ‘Educational Capital of Australia’ because it provides a quiet, safe and secure environment for International Students while they engage with a high-quality education in the city. Adelaide is a relatively small city situated between pristine sandy beaches and the beautiful Mt. Lofty Ranges with easy access to a modern international airport.

Study Tour students are usually placed in Homestay accommodation where they are under the care of host Australian families. This offers a good opportunity for students to experience the Australian lifestyle with the Host Family through such things as tasting Australian food, enjoying beach activities and sharing family life. It is an ideal way for students to develop their English language skills, expand their social network, be more independent and to meet people from all around the world.

Study Tour activities include:
  • English language classes
In an AIS Study Tour, students practice commonly used English language that allows them to appreciate and immerse in a local Australian community including using Aussie slang words such as “G’day” a term used when greeting another person.
  • Local School Visit
Local school visits give students an opportunity to look at the facilities of local schools in South Australia.
Sometimes, school immersion can be arranged, allowing students the opportunity to spend a day or half a day in a school classroom activity.
  • Excursions include:
  1. A tour of the city of Adelaide, including a visit to the South Australian Museum
  2. Australian wildlife parks, including feeding Kangaroos and cuddling a Koala
  3. Visiting the pristine shores of Glenelg Beach
  4. Going behind the scenes to see how confectioners use their artisan skills to create delicious handmade chocolates at Adelaide’s own ‘Haigh’s Chocolate factory’.
  5. Experiencing the hustle and bustle of the Adelaide Central Market, a cosmopolitan food destination.
  6. Visiting the Port Adelaide Football Club
  7. Discovering the unique cultural and natural beauty of the Adelaide area
  8. An outdoor adventure park.
  • Content Focus
Cultural comparisons
Language and leadership development
Content can be tailored to suit your needs. For personalised or customised tours, please contact Sabrina for more details at:
Example 1 week study tour



  Day 1 Depart to South Australia - Adelaide
  Day 2 Welcome to South Australia - Adelaide Homestay pick up Homestay Activities
  Day 3 Program Orientation Welcome Lunch City Hunting
  Day 4 English Learning @ AIS (whole day) After School Activity - Golf
  Day 5 English Learning @ AIS (am) Glenelg beach (pm)
  Day 6 English Learning @ AIS (am) Graduation & Farewell (pm) After School Activity - Ten pin bowling
  Day 7 Big Day Out • Urimbirra Wildlife Park • Victor Harbour